Teacher Appreciation Day!

by Randy Ziegenfuss on May 7, 2013

TeacherAppreciationWeekLogoWe love our teachers! They are the heart and soul of the district. While all district employees play an important role in the success of our students, nobody plays a greater role than our professional staff. The quality of the work our teachers do day in and day out can be witnessed first-hand by visiting classrooms and engaging with students and teachers. Since today is Teacher Appreciation Day, our principals are sharing some words about the Salisbury teaching staff.

Western Salisbury Elementary School – Mrs. Grace Hartman, Principal

I am very appreciative of the wonderful staff at WSE. They are caring, professional and knowledgeable.  I would be confident and proud to have my child educated and cared for at WSE.  WSE staff is also very supportive of each other. They help each other in challenging times and celebrate with each other in good times. They truly are a school family.

Harry S Truman Elementary School – Mrs. Barbara Samide, Principal

HST teachers and staff are an amazing group! They work tirelessly to support each child at Truman. They explore all avenues to ensure that the children in their care are able to succeed. Truman staff understands the importance and strength of a team. I have witnessed many formal and informal team meetings that have resulted in great ideas and plans. Leadership is also seen in our staff. Individuals willingly step up with their strengths to provide leadership for others to succeed in a new avenue. This compassionate team also supports each other during times of personal need. I am truly humbled each and every day watching this team in action. Dear HST staff, my unending thanks for all that you do for our students, their families, and each other.

Salisbury Middle School – Mr. Robert Cassidy, Principal and Mr. Ken Parliman, Assistant Principal

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of Salisbury Middle School for their ongoing pursuit toward excellence. Whether staff are learning new strategies to engage students, working together to solve common problems, or providing support to students, families, and each other, our staff has a level of commitment, caring, and dedication that makes a huge difference for everyone. It’s easy to list attributes about a school that everyone expects to hear such as  “caring, “student-centered,” and “well rounded.”.  The difficult part is living up to these attributes. Staff members at Salisbury Middle School live up to each and every one of these attributes every day. The staff always places student needs at the top of every priority list. They’re dedicated to making sure every student that walks through the door is cared for and known. The level of collegiality is unsurpassable. We are proud and thankful to work with such a dedicated staff at SMS. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for the Salisbury community!

Salisbury High School – Ms. Heather Morningstar, Principal and Mr. William Dovico, Principal

Whether via tutoring after or before school, attending extra-curricular events, or reaching out to students in need, the SHS faculty and staff regularly goes “above and beyond” teaching to help ensure the academic, social, and emotional well-being of all SHS students. The cornerstone of Salisbury High School’s programming is education with a personal touch, and this belief is manifested both in our teachers’ daily interactions with students and in their efforts to make each educational experience meaningful for every student. Determined to provide SHS students with the knowledge, tools, and resources that prepare them for whatever the future may hold, the teaching staff at SHS imbues lessons with 21st-century skills and experiential learning opportunities. Thank you, teachers, for all that you do for our students and for the greater SHS community!

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