Summer Academy, Having a Blast!

by Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten on August 22, 2017

Summer Academy, Having a Blast!

As educators, we shouldn’t ask our students to do anything we aren’t willing to do ourselves. Which is why, if we want our students to be lifelong learners, we must be as well. At Salisbury, part of this continuous learning involves Summer Academy, during which educators from across the district can enrich themselves by partaking in a number of workshops – workshops that are led by our very own faculty and staff!

This year, these workshops are organized by four categories: book studies, technology, curricular, and non-curricular. Here are a few examples from each category:

Book Studies


  • Google Classroom
  • Digital Portfolios with Google Sites



  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Understanding an IEP

We look forward to experiencing the many ways in which our students benefit from our summer work, and a big Thank You to everyone from Salisbury who has attended and/or led a session!

Click/Tap here for the entire Summer Academy brochure!

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