State Budget Impasse – Impact on Salisbury

by Robert Bruchak on September 4, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.46.52 AMThe state budget impasse has now entered its third month – 65 days as of today, September 3 (see a minute-by-minute clock here). It appears that Governor Wolf and the Republican controlled Legislature are still at a stalemate with no immediate end in sight. School districts throughout the state have now missed out on over $1 billion dollars in subsidy payments. The first subsidy payment should have occurred in August.  This situation has been devastating for many school districts throughout the state.  An extreme case is Chester Upland School District where teachers have agreed to continue to work even though the district is not receiving the funds necessary to meet bi-weekly payroll. Some school districts are even looking to borrow money in order to continue normal day-to-day operations

What is causing the stalemate? Different agendas. Governor Tom Wolf and Democratic legislators want to see an additional $400 million put into education. Additionally, they want to see Marcellus shale taxed to help cover the additional money to fund education.  The Republican controlled legislature would like to see pension reform and privatization of the PA Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

Although Salisbury Township School District has been feeling the effects of missed subsidy payments from the state, the district is experiencing adequate financial conditions compared to many others.  That is the result of an overall low-level of financial support revenue received from the state and a more significant level of funding from local taxes.  There was a time when the state supported school districts by subsidizing approximately 50% of total expenditures.  That percentage has eroded to less than 20% for Salisbury. However, there is still a significant amount of funding that is not being released to the district. Salisbury is expecting to receive $6 million dollars from the state for the 2015-16 school year, approximately 18% of the district’s overall budget. If the stalemate continues, Salisbury may soon begin feeling the impact of no state funding.

How can you be a part of getting a resolution to the budget stalemate?  We urge you to contact the governor and  your legislators to express your concern that a state budget needs to be passed.

Governor Tom Wolf (D)
508 Main Capitol
Harrisburg, PA 17120
717-787-2500 FAX 717-772-8284

18th State Senatorial District
Lisa Boscoloa (D)
One E. Broad St. Suite 120
Bethlehem, PA  18108
610-868-8667 FAX 610-861-2184

131st State Legislative District
Justin Simmons (R)
21 N. Main St., Unit 9
Coopersburg, PA 18036
610-282-3901 FAX 610-282-3995

133rd State Legislative District
Daniel T. McNeill (D)
1080 Schadt Ave.
Whitehall, PA 18052
610-266-1273 FAX 610-266-2126

134th State Legislative District
Ryan E. Mackenzie (R)
3402 Brookside Rd. Macungie, PA  18062
610-965-9933 FAX 610-965-9174

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