Staff Appreciation Day!

by Randy Ziegenfuss on May 8, 2013

weloveourstaffSalisbury Township School District would not serve its students as well as it does without the support staff and professionals who provide support services to students and teachers. Think about it – where would we be without dedicated secretaries, instructional assistants, bus drivers, maintenance staff, coaches, food service and professional support employees including school nurses, psychologists, guidance counselors and business office staff? Today we recognize these dedicated employees and thank them for their invaluable contributions to our school district and our students.

Administrative Assistants and Secretaries

The administrative assistants and secretaries are the glue that holds the district and school buildings together. Our administrative assistants and secretaries support the professional staff with typical clerical tasks as well as greet visitors, register new students, answer telephones, assist students and parents and single-handedly solve problems as they develop throughout the day. And all with a smile! Thank you for the work you do to make the district and school buildings welcoming places for students, staff and parents!

Business Office – Mr. Robert Bruchak, Business Administrator

The Business Office staff provides many critical functions for the district.  This is the area where all the money flows in and out of the district.  One critical function the business office staff completes is payroll.  Every two weeks staff in the business office make certain that every employee is paid.  This is a critical function that must be performed accurately.  It is also extremely important that all of the district’s vendors get paid on time.  This is vital to make sure the district receives all the necessary supplies for teaching and learning.  Every day the business office staff handles public funds that have many restrictions and controls on how the funds are accounted for and spent.  The district’s clean audits indicate the staff is exceptional at staying in compliance.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the district!

Technology Department – Mr. Chris Smith, Coordinator of Technology

Our computer technicians are a key driving force that makes technology work in Salisbury. They do so much to support our staff and students from professional development training to making sure that no matter what, our students always come first and have a working computer. Without them it is in my honest opinion that Salisbury would not be able to provide the level of education that it does. Tom Smith, John Landis, Matt Ritter, and Christina Westfall – THANK YOU for all that you do!

Psychologists, School Counselors and Social Worker

Our school psychologists, counselors, and social worker are committed to providing support and service to our students.  These dedicated staff members support our students (and staff members)  as they experience challenges and cheer alongside them as they celebrate successes!  Thank you for caring so much about STSD students and staff!

School Nurses/Nurse Assistants

School nurses have the multi-faceted responsibility of promotion, prevention and wellness, and they provide access to care for our children to stay healthy and safe. Recognizing that, “Healthy children learn better,” our school nursing staff serves as bridge that connects health care providers, public health and families to meet the needs of the Salisbury Township School District’s students. Today is National School Nurse Day. Read about the critical services our nurses provide to our students!

Instructional Assistant

Our instructional assistants are the unsung heroes of daily help with our neediest students. So often, they go above and beyond their duties to make an impact on the quality of school life for many students. We are blessed with the most dedicated, caring people!

Transportation Department – Mrs. Verna Schuon, Director of Transportation

Our transportation department took over all special needs transportation this past year in a terrific demonstration of planning to save taxpayers money. Nancy Kern and Verna Schuon coordinated unique door-to-door arrangements for students with disabilities to multiple districts across Lehigh and Carbon counties. Often with less than 2 days notice, they continue to redesign plans as student placements change and new students move into the district. For the weekly changes and new orders you seamlessly manage: Thank you, ladies! And much appreciation to all the drivers and attendants who are the first “face of Salisbury” our students see each morning.

Student Activities/Coaches – Miss Monica Deeb, Director of Athletics and Student Activities

The Salisbury athletic department offers 18 sports and offers a host of non-athletic extra-curricular activities.  A large majority of the SMS/SHS student body is involved in athletics or extra-curricular activities, and many of those students are involved in multiple activities.  Our coaches and advisers spend countless hours with our students and we are grateful for their tremendous commitment. They make a huge difference!

Maintenance/Buildings and Grounds – Mr. William Brackett, Director of Facilities

Day in and day out buildings get dirty, mechanical items break down, grass continues to grow, and even sometimes, the snow and ice falls. Yet, everyday, we assume these buildings will look fresh for the next day, the broken items will be fixed, the smell of freshly cut grass will linger in the air, the snow and ice will magically disappear. The buildings and grounds staff performs the dirtiest of jobs, the jobs that most do not want to do, at times of the day when most are relaxing or even sleeping; but in order to keep a safe clean environment, suitable for for all who walk through our halls, providing an enriched learning environment to all students, these men and women perform their duties tirelessly, never looking for praise. I, for one, have never been more proud than now to be associated with such an outstanding team of dedicated selfless individuals!

Food Service – Mrs. Denise Steiger, Director of Food Services

The cafeteria staff for Salisbury has done a superb job working with all the new regulations in the federally-mandated School Lunch Program. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act developed in 2010 has brought new meal patterns to the program. For example, vegetables no longer are just vegetables! We now have dark green, red/orange, legumes, and starchy vegetable categories. The food service staff needs to know certain details such as green peas fall into the starchy category and not the green category to assure the correct amounts of food in each category are offered on the menu each week.  As they continuously work to meet the guidelines, the food service staff keep student requests a priority in designing the lunch menu. Salisbury can appreciate the hard work and dedicated concern for our students shown by the food service staff all year!

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