Salisbury Top Ten Student – Ryan Fainor

by Lynn Fuini-Hetten on June 1, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.00.54 PMThis post was contributed by Ryan Fainor.

What accomplishments at SHS make you the most proud?

Working with the key club has been the most rewarding.  As the president this year, I had the chance to be a leader in choosing what events in which to get involved and plan the events our club hosted.  I also served on the planning committee for the Lehigh Valley special olympics track meet for mentally and physically disabled students.  I would consider it most important that I was an encourager in the club.  Whenever there was a project approaching, I went to whom I thought would be interested, and encouraged them to participate until I convinced them; in other words, if they were free, I would not take any excuse.  It is important to volunteer your own time, but I think it’s just as important convince your peers to get involved, especially because one person can only do so much.  I am most proud not only of how I got very involved but also of how I helped create a dynamic group of selfless students.

What are you doing after graduation?

Attending Lafayette College with an intended major in mechanical engineering and a possible minor in computer science.

What goals do you have for your future and how did SHS prepare me for that future?

Generated from my passion of service, I strive to apply my energy, passions, and talents to make a change on individuals and communities, and engineering is the field in which I can transform my ambitions of change into a reality.  Engineering will also allow me to make an impact on real communities in ways they are unable to do on their own.  Education is not about just preparing me for a job but is more a way of enabling myself with skills to make service a lifelong undertaking. In fact, I believe improving the world and making a lasting difference should be qualities produced by ALL learning.  Education is also about identifying skills and teaching how to make it into a lifestyle of service – such as providing a sustainable water source to communities with such a paralyzing void.

What advice would you offer future seniors?

Don’t let someone else dictate your interests.  You should find what you really like and then pursue it with dedication, because it is dedication that achieves success, not the path you choose.

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