Salisbury Top Ten Student – Matthew Fainor

by Lynn Fuini-Hetten on June 4, 2016

This post was contributed by SHS student, Matthew Fainor.

What accomplishments at SHS make you the most proud?

I have been most proud of some of the papers I have written in my English classes as well as the volunteer work I have done through the school in the community.  They have both given me a great amount of fulfillment and satisfaction.

What was your most memorable learning experience at SHS?

I will always remember my CBL project in Miss Brinson’s class with the Baum School of art.  It was a tremendous learning and growing experience; the collaboration between myself and those other teenagers and faculty I worked with has made an incredible impression on myself personally and how I can use what I have learned to help others.

What are you doing after graduation?

I am attending Lehigh University for their IDEAS (Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts & Sciences) focusing on possibly combining Art & Design and Biomaterials Engineering.

What goals do you have for your future?

My biggest goal is to become a meaningful designer/artist who has the ability to create sustainable materials and create sustainable and beautiful products/objects from those materials.

How has Salisbury prepared you for that future?

Salisbury has reinforced my problem solving abilities as well as critical analysis of information, literature, and images.   These skills have instilled within me the ability to think critically in order to integrate subject areas into one cohesive experience.

What advice would you offer future seniors?

Load up on your classes, and do not feel you have to choose between classes.  Challenge yourself so that you may grow as an individual in your final year of high school.  Finally, try your hardest and put in your best effort because it will all be worth it, if you do!

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