Introducing Channel 68 – SFN – The Salisbury Falcon Network!

by Lynn Fuini-Hetten on April 27, 2017

IMG_5558Do you subscribe to RCN cable?  Have you seen Salisbury’s new channel the Salisbury Falcon Network (SFN)?  Check it out on RCN Channel 68!

Mr. Kelly Wetherhold, Media teacher at Salisbury High School, worked with students in Salisbury’s media program to learn how to develop digital narratives, delve into Adobe and Apple products to produce segments, learn interviewing and broadcasting techniques and produce a bi-weekly show that promotes student activities.

Segments include:

  • Inspire, which highlights inspiring stories within the district
  • Ignite which focuses on surprising and ‘awesome’ activities
  • What’s the Story, which discusses behind the scenes stories
  • The Concession Stand, featuring short sports related segments
  • Headlines which targets traditional news stories
  • The Peanut Gallery which allows the entertainment editors to show their comedic sides.

Media Management II and III students produce and manage the channel.  Currently, the SFN staff is on its 14th episode this year.

If your child attends HST, check out the dedicated program slot on Monday nights at 7 PM. If your child attends Western Elementary, check out the dedicated time slot on Wednesdays beginning at 7 PM.

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