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Staff Appreciation Week eBook (PDF)

by Randy Ziegenfuss on May 17, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 4.18.50 PMThe attached document contains comments of appreciation submitted by students, parents and staff for publication during Staff Appreciation Week, May 6-10, 2013. Blog posts that appeared during Staff Appreciation Week on SalisburySD.US appear after the comments of appreciation.

Thanks to everyone for making Staff Appreciation Week and Social Media Week a huge success!

Staff Appreciation Week 2013 eBook (PDF)

Appreciation From Parents

by Randy Ziegenfuss on May 10, 2013

parent appreciation photoTo conclude Staff Appreciation Week we share compliments from parents! Thanks to these parents for sharing their appreciation.

Two of my children have had Mrs. Smith for biology. She is tough, makes the kids work and stretches their abilities. I have also seen her have compassion on those kids who really put out an effort. Mrs. Smith has helped my kids learn in an area where I am weak. She is a HUGE asset to the teaching staff!

Liz Kuhns  

I feel truly blessed that my daughter had a teacher like Mrs. Nester for her first full-time year at WSE. Mrs. Nester is professional, compassionate, kind, gentle, understanding, uses great communication & I loved it when she took the time to come to see her students play softball. Teaching is not “just” a job to her, it is her love and her passion and it definitely shows because her students “adore” her!

Terri Macauley

I would like to say what a complete pleasure it always is speaking with and working with Mrs. McKinley in the front office at WSE. She is always happy, smiling, friendly and genuinely understands how to deal with multiple situations at one time. What a joy it is to have a pleasant personality working in an atmosphere with so many young children.

Terri Macauley

I just want to acknowledge Ms. Quigg for her outstanding approach to handling my son’s resistance toward school. My son is simply not a fan of school. His strengths lie in artistic design. Often, my son would create elaborate doodles on his assignments for Ms. Quigg, and from what I understand, rather than scolding him, she would praise him for his artistic strength and find ways to encourage him in art. This helped my son maintain a positive attitude in her class, therefore ultimately helping him to succeed in her classroom and improving his feelings about school in general. I can’t thank her enough for her understanding and helping my son. This mother will remember her for keeping things positive in the classroom and using a strengths based approach to a unique kid. Thank you, Ms. Quigg!

Shannon Minnick

Mr Somishka has been part of our family since we started at WSE. He is AWESOME!! We all love him as a teacher and the person he is and how we will always remember Mr S., as Max and Brandon call him! We could NOT ask for a better person to teach our children, and they will grow and take what he taught our boys all through their lives. Mr Somishka, you are truly an amazing person and we can’t THANK YOU enough!!

The Morganelli Family
Joe, Michelle, Max, Brandon and Bella

We could not have had a better transition into a new school as we did this year! Mrs. Moyer is absolutely amazing! By the end of week one, it was clear that she wanted to get to know our daughter and to make her feel comfortable in her new environment. The staff is always friendly and also makes it evident that each child is important. Mrs. Hartman is an active presence at all of the school functions and cares so much about the kids! We have enjoyed the family nights and look forward to continuing to blend into such a wonderful community!

Gina Gitzsimmons

Ms. Quigg has been a wonderful teacher to my son who moved from a new school district this year. She is insightful and inspirational and really helped open up the world of language arts. We will miss her very much!

Jeri Forestieri

Thank you, Megan Basile, for helping my son with his PJAS project! Your dedication towards your students is remarkable. The hours you have put forth before and after school with him has helped him design a product we are all proud of. Your patience and guidance with how he needs to prepare these types of projects is providing him with the foundation he needs for the future. Thanks again!

C. Yurconic

Two years ago I found myself shopping for a house…and a school district. With so many local districts to choose from, it was a hard decision. I am so glad I chose Salisbury. My daughter is thriving here. I appreciate the staff for making it a great school district, and I appreciate district leadership for focusing on the whole child, and not just a test score. Everyone at WSE has been so welcoming, helpful, and caring, I know I made the right choice!

Amy Talaber

My daughter has been influenced so greatly by Christina Attar not only academically but socially. Bailee has leadership qualities because she has such an extraordinary model as her teacher. Bailee wants to misbehave because she doesn’t want to leave her classroom and go to 2nd grade!!! Three cheers for Mrs. Attar!

Beth Neitz

Mr. Adams went above and beyond to make sure my son had planned studies to keep him on schedule during his brief time home recovering from surgery. He took time out of his planned curriculum to have his students make cards for my son. This meant the world to my son. Upon return to school, Mr Adams already had a system set up to assist him in the everyday activities. Mr Adams and his kindness has truly helped with my son’s recovery.

Irene Killiri

Mrs. Grace Hartman went beyond her role as Principal and placed her caring nature first in questioning the need for my son to endure scholastic testing after being absent for surgery for skin cancer. It was his best gift after his surgery!

Irene Killiri

I really appreciate when my son comes home from his 4th grade class with Mrs. DeBona and tells me about the “giant conversations” they have about important topics like drugs and alcohol.

Rebecca Glenister

Thank you, Mr. Somishka, for making kindergarten such a fun place to learn and grow for our son! We appreciate your ongoing care, concern, and communication! Couldn’t ask for a better start to our son’s elementary years!

Lisa and Srean McGinty

Mrs Terry Bruns is a fabulous teacher and an inspiration to all her students. She has helped my son many times and made him feel comfortable knowing she was in the high school for his freshman year! Thank you Mrs. Bruns for all you do!

Donna McCandless

I don’t have any one comment about any single staff member at STSD–there would be too many for me to single out! I had an overall positive experience as a student in Salisbury Township School District (class of ’85!)–so much so that I am now raising my children in the district and find myself impressed and grateful to the teachers who are now educating my kids.  I spent three years in the classroom myself as an educator (grades 7 and 8 — English, Speech and Theatre) and realize what it takes to do the job and be good at it.  I am now a counselor and see the effect teachers can have every day (both positive and negative) on kids and families.  It has been said that you either become a teacher because you had exceptional teachers or because you had lousy ones.  I am grateful and proud to say that in my case, it was because I had exceptional ones!!  Keep doing what you do–it matters!!!  🙂

Christy Yerk-Smith

A Message of Appreciation from the School Board

May 9, 2013

Last month my family and I celebrated 25 years living in Salisbury. Our involvement with our school district began in the fall of 1988 and continues to today. As both a parent and a board member, I have witnessed our transformation from good to great, from traditional to innovative, from quiet and unassuming to leading […]

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Staff Appreciation Day!

May 8, 2013

Salisbury Township School District would not serve its students as well as it does without the support staff and professionals who provide support services to students and teachers. Think about it – where would we be without dedicated secretaries, instructional assistants, bus drivers, maintenance staff, coaches, food service and professional support employees including school nurses, […]

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National School Nurse Day – May 8

May 8, 2013

Today, May 8, is National School Nurse Day! Thank a school nurse today for the care they demonstrate for each of Salisbury’s students. This post was submitted by our certified school nurses (CSN): Mrs. Loretta Becker, Mrs. Christine Tripp, and Mrs. Carla Tallarida. Want to share your appreciation for a school nurse? Leave a comment […]

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Teacher Appreciation Day!

May 7, 2013

We love our teachers! They are the heart and soul of the district. While all district employees play an important role in the success of our students, nobody plays a greater role than our professional staff. The quality of the work our teachers do day in and day out can be witnessed first-hand by visiting […]

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