Emergency Response

Salisbury Township School District Emergency Response Plan

by Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten on February 4, 2018

This communication is to inform parents/guardians that Salisbury Township School District has steps in place to address student and staff safety issues through the adoption of a District-wide Emergency Response Plan. The plan would be implemented in the event of a local weather disaster, building infrastructure emergency, train derailment, or other school emergency.

Statistics show schools are still among the safest places to be on a day-to-day basis due to the strong commitment of educators, parents, and communities to their children. Nevertheless, disasters do happen and, because of that, no community can be complacent in its efforts to make its schools as safe as possible. For this reason, we have developed the Emergency Response Plan and would like parents/guardians to be aware of our processes and procedures should we experience an event in Salisbury Township School District or any of our schools.

Click here to read more information about the District’s Emergency Response Plan

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