Building Improvements

by Robert Bruchak on September 25, 2016

summer2016Salisbury Township School District has continued to improve the buildings and infrastructure of the district. Students learn better in buildings that are functional and well-maintained.  Keeping the buildings and infrastructure properly maintained is also a safer environment for the students and the community.  The district buildings and infrastructure are assets of the taxpayers that need to be properly maintained.

This past summer the district replaced the air handler system (HVAC) unit at Harry S Truman Elementary School.  This was an energy project that will make the building more efficient and help lower energy costs for the district.  All the concrete sidewalks on Salisbury Rd. and Gaskill Ave. were repaired and/or replaced.  Western Salisbury Elementary School had the whole area in front and around the building redesigned and resurfaced with asphalt.  This will make for a safer and more efficient drop off and pick up zone for the students.  There was also asphalt work performed at Harry S Truman and the Administration building.  The high school had a new scoreboard installed at the football stadium.  Other projects completed this past summer included the following:

Western Salisbury Elementary

  • Renovated student restrooms
  • Driveway redesigned with all new asphalt resurfaced
  • New swing set installed

Middle School

  • Grease traps replaced
  • Install new kitchen steamer
  • Renovated the Family Consumer Science area; this included new appliances, countertops, backsplash and new flooring

Harry S Truman Elementary

  • Replaced HVAC System/Energy Project
  • New asphalt throughout the front of the building
  • Install new kitchen steamer
  • Concrete sidewalks repaired or replaced

High School Other

  • New scoreboard at the football stadium

Administration Building

  • Installed emergency generator
  • Concrete sidewalks repaired or replaced
  • Asphalt parking lot resurfaced


  • Purchase new Teacher desk and chairs


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