August 2017

Join the new Salisbury craze! The Kindness Rocks Project

by Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten on August 28, 2017

The Salisbury Kindness Rocks Project is organized by Nancy Spadt, Coordinator of Human Resources, and Shaun Cain, Administrative Assistant to Human Resources. This article was submitted by Shaun Cain.

Have you heard about the rock craze sweeping local communities?  We have seen these rocks in Phillipsburg and Emmaus! Now.. Salisbury is joining the fun!

Come join us!  The purpose of this group is to share happiness & inspiration through a simple gesture of painting rocks, and then “hiding” the rocks throughout the community and surrounding towns for others to find.  

The Kindness Rocks Project was started by Megan Murphy of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  She has shared her inspiration behind the project:  

Living near the ocean, I walk the beach daily. The beach is where many go when they seek insight or a peaceful place to think. Losing my parents at a young age meant losing my advisers, my sounding board, and my role models. During difficult or stressful moments in my life, I found myself looking for ‘signs’ on my morning walk, such as a heart-shaped rock or a piece of sea glass.  I perceived this ‘sign’ as a divine message or the random inspiration I needed to signify things would be okay.

Murphy thought perhaps others needed the same comfort. So, she started painting rocks she found and leaving them for others to find. As people found the motivational messages, they reached out to Murphy to share their gratitude. From there, a Facebook group came to life as well as a website.  

The project has two simple goals:

  1. Inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way.
  2. Recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness.

Simply follow these steps to participate:

  1. Make your rock with fun/inspirational messages.
  2. Snap a picture of your rock and share it on the Salisbury Township School District Facebook page.
  3. Leave the rock for someone to find, or give it to someone.

This is a community-building group meant to inspire creativity in all ages and energize people to explore the beauty surrounding us. The goal is to get people all across communities painting so that there are lots of rocks to be found out there.  

The Salisbury Kindness Rocks Project began its work at the Opening Convocation in August 2017.

Always remember – when you paint a rock and place it out of your possession, consider it a gift and let go. You may never see or hear of it again. If your own purpose was that it would only bring you joy to stay in control of your rock, then you’ve missed the point of the group. Give just to give, not because you expect a return! Do not get upset because the person that found your rock isn’t playing the game the way you think people should be playing it.

Hide and hunt!  Always be courteous and safe when hiding and hunting (i.e. NO cemeteries, national parks, train tracks, inside businesses, blocking doors, etc.).  Simply HAVE FUN!!

Saving for college? Sign up for Pennsylvania’s 529 Plan!

by Randy Ziegenfuss on August 27, 2017

For families looking to put money aside for higher education, the Pennsylvania Treasury offers the PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP), in which growth is tied to the rate of college tuition inflation, check these Money saving guides for further info.

The GSP is offering free enrollment – a $50 savings – for all new accounts opened before Sept. 30, at Use code “SUMMER2017” when prompted.

How does it work? Contributions to PA 529 plans are deductible from Pennsylvania income taxes, grow tax free, and, when used for qualified educational expenses, are federal and state tax exempt. The plan provides flexibility to pay for higher education expenses at most higher education institutions across the country. If you want a beter education, then check out this independent school.

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School busses are back… Let’s review the bus stopping law and bus safety!

August 27, 2017

All across the Lehigh Valley, schools are getting ready to begin the 2017-2018 School year. Some schools have already started, and many, like Salisbury Township School District begin the week of August 28! With the added school bus and parent traffic on the roadways, we would like to reflect on safety for everyone. Many drivers […]

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Our New Digital Hub!

August 22, 2017

Our New Digital Hub! As Salisbury continues to move forward with TL2020 and our new vision (which includes a Profile of a Graduate and Learning Beliefs) we have accumulated many valuable resources that align with our current direction – resources that span across all subjects and grade levels. To make all of these assets as […]

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Summer Academy, Having a Blast!

August 22, 2017

Summer Academy, Having a Blast! As educators, we shouldn’t ask our students to do anything we aren’t willing to do ourselves. Which is why, if we want our students to be lifelong learners, we must be as well. At Salisbury, part of this continuous learning involves Summer Academy, during which educators from across the district […]

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What is the Class of 2017 doing this fall?

August 17, 2017

Did you attend our graduation celebration this past June in Symphony Hall?  Did you check out the Facebook Live stream? What a great night to celebrate the successes of our high school seniors! Of the 139-member Class of 2017, 120 graduating seniors (86%) are continuing their formal education at 45 post-secondary institutions in the United […]

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