October 2014

HST Partners with St. Lukes

by Randy Ziegenfuss on October 14, 2014

wellnessHST Wellness Committee is partnering with St. Luke’s to Sharpen the Saw. This year we will be implementing Live Your Life. This evidence-based initiative originates from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Each month will feature a health initiative. The Student Wellness Committee will teach the initiatives to classrooms. At the end of the month students will participate in a one-hour assembly. Our initiatives by month are:

  • November                  Be Physically Active
  • December                  Turn off the Screens
  • January                      Eat Less Fast Food
  • February                    Snack on Healthy Foods
  • March                         Get Enough Sleep
  • April                            Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
  • May                             Drink More Water


The Wellness Committee:

St. Luke Partners: Hollie Gibbons and Mariah Syrocki

HST Teachers: Dana Sugra, Kristen Zellner, Mary Beth Bedics

HST Students: Naiya Schankowtiz, Elizabeth Sterner, Josue Arroyo, Mikayla Lighting, Emma Kichline, Jackson Kramp, Ava Smarch, Stella Strickland, Skylyn Mason, Dominic Popovich, Dylan Jarjous, Meredith Kelly

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