May 2014

Cinco de Mayo

by Randy Ziegenfuss on May 15, 2014

Cinco_de_MayoOn May 5, Mrs. Alden’s Spanish I class at Salisbury Middle School celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Two of Mrs. Alden’s students, Jacob Zettlemoyer and Soleil Ducusin have contributed to this post.

Jacob Zettlemoyer: On Monday, May 5th, 2014, students of Sra. Alden’s Español 1 class celebrated the renowned festival known as “Cinco de Mayo.” Preparations began nearly a month before, so that ample time was allotted to bring in food, drinks, decorations, etc. Food and drinks were served throughout the celebration, including those such as empanadas and tacos, among others.

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo is very important to those who live in Mexico. It commemorates the victory of General Zaragoza against the French in the Battle of Puebla, Mexico. Since that time, long ago, it has been celebrated fiercely throughout Mexico and the United States.

Soleil Ducusin: All of the students who chose to study Spanish this year were excited for the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrating Mexico’s freedom from European countries. Even though this holiday was celebrated by specifically Mexicans, it’s also celebrated here in the United States. For our celebration, we brought a wide variety of Hispanic and American food such as tacos, chips, salsa, guacamole, empanadas, etc. Celebrating and enjoying a Hispanic holiday benefits the students learning Spanish. It introduces us to the culture(s) where the language and celebration originated, adding an enhancement to our learning. Overall, the celebration was a success which we all greatly enjoyed participating in.


Artwork by Kevin Hernandez.

Staff Appreciation Day!

by Randy Ziegenfuss on May 7, 2014

weloveourstaffSalisbury Township School District would not serve its students as well as it does without the support staff and professionals who provide support services to students and teachers. Think about it – where would we be without dedicated secretaries, instructional assistants, bus drivers, maintenance staff, coaches, food service and professional support employees including school nurses, psychologists, guidance counselors and business office staff? Today we recognize these dedicated employees and thank them for their invaluable contributions to our school district and our students.

Administrative Assistants and Secretaries

The answering of a phone. The coordinating of schedules. The balancing of budgets. The greeting of visitors. The administrative assistants and secretaries of the Salisbury Township School District are often the unsung heroes of the efficient operation of our school buildings and district offices.  They are the front line, helping and assisting all who arrive at their desks, be it delivery persons, concerned parents, sick children, new student enrollees, vendors or teachers. When it comes to customer service, we can depend and count on our administrative assistants and secretaries to make everyone feel welcomed and demonstrate the care that is often referenced when one mentions the strengths of the district.  On behalf of all members of the Salisbury Township School District community, thanks for all you do!

Business Office, Mr. Robert Bruchak, Business Administrator

I have always been impressed at how efficient the Business Office is at Salisbury.  It is a daunting task to handle and oversee the finances of the district.  Salisbury Township School District is a multi-million dollar operation that requires exceptional oversight to make sure these public funds are handled correctly.  It is a highly scrutinized departments, with local auditors, state auditors, federal auditors, PDE, and the IRS (just to name a few) reviewing our work.  The employees of the business office make sure the staff is paid correctly and on time, bills and vendors are paid, taxes are collected and deposited, and these are just some of the many items they take care of.  They handle all this responsibility in a very professional manner.  It’s been a real pleasure to work with you.  The district really appreciates all the hard work that you do.

Technology Department – Mr. Chris Smith, Coordinator of Technology

Looking back over the past few years of the district I see a tremendous growth in our students. Growth that can’t and won’t be measured in test scores. Growth in critical skills needed to succeed in the world today as well as the future.  I feel this growth is significantly a result of the districts TL2014 initiative and all involved (students, teachers, staff, administration, school board, and parents). I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and support, but most of all I would like to thank our computer technicians in the technology department. They are the ones behind the scenes that keep everything running smoothly from repairs and technical professional development to researching and learning new technologies to keep Salisbury on the forefront of education. Thank you for all you do, you are all greatly appreciated.

School Psychologists, Social Worker

Our school psychologists, Erin Moeser and Wanda Rousenberger, work diligently with our building level teams to meet the needs of all of our students.  Our district social worker also collaborates with teams to support our families at home and in school! Thank you for your efforts!

School Nurses / Nurse Assistants

Our certified school nurses (Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Tripp, and Mrs. Tallarida) and registered nurses/CSN assistants (Mrs. Emick, Mrs. Paine, Mrs. Marzola, and Mrs. Smedley) provide a comprehensive school health program that encourages optimal health outcomes for each student. To this end, our nurses educate students about normal development and nutrition, promote health and safety, assess and intervene with actual and potential health problems, and collaborate with families on issues related to student health and well-being. The CSN (certified school nurse) also serves as a liaison between the school health program and community resources, helping to ensure the provision and accessibility of services beyond the school day and outside the school building. For all you do to ensure our collective well-being, THANK YOU!

Instructional Assistants – Mrs. Nora Perron-Jones, Director of Special Education

I’d like to thank all our phenomenal instructional assistants who combine best practices with deep care and concern to provide a one-of-kind experience for our students everyday. You are a fantastic group who never ceases to amaze me with your appreciation, motivation to learn, and genuine love for students. On behalf of our school community: we are grateful for all you do!

Transportation Department – Mrs. Verna Schuon, Director of Transportation

Paragon Transit bus drivers are the first people that welcome over 1700 Salisbury students each morning. They are responsible for safely transporting our students to/from school, as well as sporting events and school trips.  They do an excellent job and deserve a big “thank-you” for the professionalism they demonstrate each and every day.  This year was especially challenging for drivers because of the weather.  Please take the time to thank your driver personally.

A “thank-you” goes out to Nancy Kern for all she does for the District.  Nancy makes sure every bus run is covered on a daily basis, all sport/school trips have a driver.  She also travels the roads early in the morning when it is snowing to make recommendations to our Superintendent regarding the safe passage of our buses.

Student Activities/Coaches – Miss Monica Deeb, Director of Athletics and Student Activities

Salisbury offers 18 different sports for Salisbury Middle and High School boys and girls during the fall, winter and spring seasons. Our more than 70 paid and volunteer coaches are extremely dedicated and spend countless hours during the season and in the off-season preparing and training our student athletes.

Our programs often compete in league and district tournaments.  The Salisbury varsity boys soccer team and girls basketball team both advanced to the PIAA Class 2A State Tournament this year.  Two students competed in the state cross country championships last fall and one of them finished in the top 10 in the state.  The spring will likely feature more athletic success for the Falcons.  Already, the boys tennis team played for the Colonial League Championship.

Still, the Salisbury athletic program offers more than just competition and wins/losses.  Our coaches involve our student athletes in volunteering and various fundraising opportunities.  Our coaches and student athletes understand the importance of giving back.  This year alone, the cheerleaders volunteered at an Autism walk and boys basketball volunteered at a Salvation Army holiday event.  Softball recently hosted a pancake breakfast and baseball had a car wash.

For more information on any Salisbury athletic program, please email Director of Student Activities Monica Deeb at

Salisbury offers more than 20 extra-curricular programs between Salisbury Middle and High Schools.  Like athletic coaches, extracurricular advisors put in a tremendous amount of time with their students.

Salisbury Middle School students can involve themselves in various activities, including Interact Club, Student Council and Band/Chorus.

Salisbury High School offers programs like Debate, FBLA, Key Club, Model UN, No Place for Hate, SADD, Student Government, Fall/Spring Theatre and Band/Chorus.

Both schools offer Twirling, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science options, Newspaper and Yearbook.

Like with athletics, students involved in extracurricular programs also volunteer and are active in the community.  The Interact Club presented Lehigh Valley Health Network and Dream Come True with a $5,000 check from money raised at the annual dance-a-thon.  Key Club members play bingo at nursing homes, hold holiday parties for elementary school students and volunteer at the local Special Olympics event.

It is common to find many of the same students involved in athletics and extracurricular activities.  That is one of the reasons why Salisbury is such a unique place.  Salisbury may be a small school district, but it has many offerings and our students take advantage of them.

For more information on any Salisbury extracurricular program, please email Director of Student Activities Monica Deeb at

Maintenance/Buildings and Grounds – Mr. William Brackett, Director of Facilities

Whew….what a year! Are you aware that because of inclement weather this year the custodial and maintenance department worked the equivalent of 13 months? Every storm whether it was light snow, blizzard conditions, or ice storms they were in early, they were in late, and they were in on weekends making sure the parking lots, sidewalks and driveways were cleared and safe.

Whew….what a year! How many of you were aware we had three sprinkler lines freeze up and break in the middle of the night? That one school had five heating coils freeze up over a weekend? Are you aware even with those kind of adversities, due to the extremely hard work, the pride of the people in this department, not one single day of school was missed with what is usually a catastrophic type of event.

In amongst the extracurricular activities mentioned above the custodians and maintenance department had their daily tasks to perform. Did you know not a single athletic event goes on inside or outside our walls that this group of dedicated people isn’t involved with? Whether it’s extensive field preparation, field layout and set up, game monitoring for special needs, and then, of course, the clean up, this group continues to amaze with their quality of work.

Did you know that the average custodian is responsible for cleaning 50,000 square feet of building each night? (the national average is 32,000 square feet) Yet they manage to get everything cleaned and ready for the next day. That our maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining over 100,000 square feet per person PLUS responsible for the upkeep of the grounds? Sometimes it´s a lot of work so they usually hire this window cleaning company.

These are daily routines and sometimes daunting tasks that the custodial and maintenance department run straight into continuously. I, for one, cannot be more appreciative, more grateful, for their seemingly endless dedication to duty, their daily tireless efforts, their distinguished pride and performance!

Food Service – Mrs. Denise Steiger, Director of Food Services

This is definitely a district where everyone who works here and lives here can be very proud. Our cafeteria staff excels in supporting all members in this community. They also appreciate the support they receive. Together the cafeteria staff helps the school day run smoothly.They help students choose healthy eating habits which helps them achieve success in their daily projects. Constantly looking for favorite entrees, meeting nutritional guidelines, preparing, serving and Maid Complete cleaning up after serving over 125,000 lunches this school year kept the staff very busy. I Thank them and am very proud of all they accomplish!

Staff Appreciation Week – Message from the Superintendent

May 5, 2014

This message comes from Superintendent, Mr. Michael Roth. One of my joys as the Superintendent of the Salisbury Township School District is articulating gratitude for the over 250 staff members who support the efforts of the district in providing safe, clean, organized and efficient environments for our students to learn.  I truly appreciate the level […]

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