May 2013

Staff Appreciation Week eBook (PDF)

by Randy Ziegenfuss on May 17, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 4.18.50 PMThe attached document contains comments of appreciation submitted by students, parents and staff for publication during Staff Appreciation Week, May 6-10, 2013. Blog posts that appeared during Staff Appreciation Week on SalisburySD.US appear after the comments of appreciation.

Thanks to everyone for making Staff Appreciation Week and Social Media Week a huge success!

Staff Appreciation Week 2013 eBook (PDF)

Unfunded and Underfunded Mandates

by Robert Bruchak on May 13, 2013

HarrisburgA major challenge school districts face as they work to balance budgets for 2013-14 is unfunded and underfunded mandates.  Mandates encompass legislation that transfers financial responsibilities from one government agency to another. In the case of education, the mandates that most effect districts include transportation, special education, charter school tuition and PSERS.  Collectively, these mandates are costing Salisbury Township School District taxpayers millions of dollars each year – millions of dollars that are diverted from the process of educating our students.  While the current governor and state legislature cut nearly $1 billion from public education the past three years, they promised mandate relief. Unfortunately, financial relief from mandates has not become a reality, resulting in significant financial impact to school district budgets.

What are some of the unfunded and underfunded mandates affecting the 2013-14 Salisbury Township School District budget?

  • Transportation – Salisbury Township School District is required to provide transportation to 30 non-public and charter schools. Cost to Salisbury taxpayers for 2013-14: $1,820,199.  Total cost to transport non-public and charter school students: $502,425
  • Special Education – Federal and state reimbursements are dwindling while special education costs increase. Underfunded impact on the 2013-14 budget: $4,098,000
  • Charter school tuition – The Salisbury Township School District is required to pay tuition to charter and cyber charter schools at a minimum of $11,000 per student. Cost to Salisbury Taxpayers for 2013-14: $671,000
  • PSERS – School districts are required to absorb significant increases due to underfunding by the state legislature for almost a decade. Impact of the underfunded increase in PSERS for 2013-14: $628,000

All totaled, the impact on the 2013-14 budget for just these four underfunded/unfunded mandates: $7,217,199. This is 22.9% of the 2013-14 budget which is $31,464,569. 22.9% of the district’s budget is dedicated to mandates that are underfunded or not funded at all.

If the state would either properly fund or eliminate just one of the mandates outlined above, either transportation or charter school tuition, there would be no tax increase for 2013-14. Additionally, if Special Education and PSERS were properly funded as promised, there would be even more significant savings.  Property tax increases are a result of the governor and state legislature transferring the increasing cost of mandates to districts and the local taxpayer.

Appreciation From Parents

May 10, 2013

To conclude Staff Appreciation Week we share compliments from parents! Thanks to these parents for sharing their appreciation. Two of my children have had Mrs. Smith for biology. She is tough, makes the kids work and stretches their abilities. I have also seen her have compassion on those kids who really put out an effort. […]

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A Message of Appreciation from the School Board

May 9, 2013

Last month my family and I celebrated 25 years living in Salisbury. Our involvement with our school district began in the fall of 1988 and continues to today. As both a parent and a board member, I have witnessed our transformation from good to great, from traditional to innovative, from quiet and unassuming to leading […]

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Staff Appreciation Day!

May 8, 2013

Salisbury Township School District would not serve its students as well as it does without the support staff and professionals who provide support services to students and teachers. Think about it – where would we be without dedicated secretaries, instructional assistants, bus drivers, maintenance staff, coaches, food service and professional support employees including school nurses, […]

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National School Nurse Day – May 8

May 8, 2013

Today, May 8, is National School Nurse Day! Thank a school nurse today for the care they demonstrate for each of Salisbury’s students. This post was submitted by our certified school nurses (CSN): Mrs. Loretta Becker, Mrs. Christine Tripp, and Mrs. Carla Tallarida. Want to share your appreciation for a school nurse? Leave a comment […]

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