March 2013

TED Talk Gathering

by Randy Ziegenfuss on March 24, 2013

tedtalksWe hope that the posts on SalisburySD.US will prompt readers to be inspired, think, learn and grow. With this in mind, we plan to feature reflections from some of our students in the form of guest posts. Today’s post is from Sophomore Mackenna Lenover.

On March 7th, a few students and I met after school in the library for Salisbury’s first TED2013 viewing event. After getting situated with our iced tea and popcorn, we started watching the first talk, Celebrating Ignorance by Stuart Firestein, Chair of the Biological Sciences at Columbia University. The speaker had some very innovative thoughts, and I certainly walked away with some ideas. He discussed the flaws in the education system, and in scientific method itself. Actually, he referred to formal scientific inquiry as “farting around in the dark.” Rather than talking about what we know, we should discuss what we don’t. He brought to light a new idea, being consciously ignorant. Rather than what we do know, let’s focus on what we don’t! At first, this was absurd to me, but then I realized that questions really do bring more questions and students and teachers alike should embrace that.

After the first video was complete, the students and staff present had a discussion about the thoughts we just heard from Firestein. To summarize the conversation, the students and I expressed faults we’ve witnessed in the current education system, as well as trying to come up with other options. One idea we stressed was the reality that in school we have little time to individualize.

We then started to watch the second talk, Glowing Life in an Underwater World, by Edith Widder, a specialist in bioluminescence. Her talk focused on her  adventures as a marine biologist. She shared her experiences involving the search for a giant squid. Scientists spent years trying to discover the giant squid, and with some innovative thinking, she succeeded. What I found interesting is how we applied this squid adventure to education today. She had to play around with the noises on the submarines to see what worked with the squid. I actually brought up the idea of applying the squid innovation. Maybe, to reach those students who are having trouble learning, teachers have to innovate and find different ways to make teaching more individualized.

Thursday was just a day for some students and staff to get together, watch TED Talks, and discuss. Hopefully, more of these days will come in the future.

Salisbury Swim Team Makes History

by Monica Deeb on March 15, 2013

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History was made on Thursday, March 14 when then the Salisbury High School boys swimming/diving team won the 2013 PIAA Class 2A state championship.  This is the first team state title in school district history.

“It was a really special moment and this was their goal all year,” Salisbury first-year coach Jason Reinhard said. “It became realistic as the year went on. After districts we knew we had a legitimate chance.  The fact that it is the school’s first state team championship makes it even more meaningful.”

Nine out of 10 boys scored, including one diver Dennis Bonner.

“Those points were big,” Reinhard said. “Not a single top school had a diver, and we didn’t win this title without Denny.  That’s what made it so special.  Everyone contributed.”

Reinhard was Salisbury senior’s Garrett Collins first coach at Trident Swim Club and his last coach at Salisbury. He also coached Salisbury senior Eric Tatum at Trident when Eric was nine or ten years old as well as fellow Salisbury swimmers Ian and Gavin Carey.

“This is really special,” Reinhard said. “Things just came full circle.”

Collins, Tatum and Bonner were joined at states by Jon Dakota Anderson, Tim Costantini, Tyler Lesko, Connor Harrison, Dylan Bonge, Joe Skibbens and Daniel Bujcs.

Check out the Morning Call stories:

Salisbury swimmers Eric Tatum, Garrett Collins, Tim Costantini and Jon Dakota Anderson are all smiles after the swimming/diving state championships.

Governor’s Budget – Salisbury’s shortfall

March 12, 2013

Governor Tom Corbett unveiled his 2013-14 state budget to the General Assembly on February 5th.  The $28.4 billion budget shows an increase of 2.4% from the 2012-13 budget.  The increased budget included a $90 million increase in basic education subsidy.  Although the additional funding helps, Salisbury is still substantially below state funding levels before Governor […]

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Face of Change

March 12, 2013

This is a Guest Post by Salisbury High School Student, Ralph Uldaneta. Creativity is not a function of rules, and rules cannot exist without creative thought.  In education, from my perspective, the question I would like discussed amongst the great teachers and administrators here, the amazing community that surrounds us, and my generation, generation wired, […]

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SAT Prep Resources for High School Students

March 10, 2013

Are you a high school student preparing for the SAT? The SAT prep and review component of Study Island is new this year and available free of charge to all high school students. The math review component will help you master computation problems and word problems while the verbal program includes practice for both the […]

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Ways to Use Infographics in the Classroom

March 4, 2013

As I scan through blog posts in my Google Reader, I often find myself drawn to the posts which use an infographic to grab my attention.  Perhaps you have already tried concept mapping tools like with your students.  Are you looking for another avenue to create a visual representation of your content? Consider inviting your […]

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